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Nationwide Marketing Group Confirms Acquisition of the Canadian Company Cantrex.

Winston Salem NC, May 30, 2012 - Nationwide Marketing Group,
a 40-year-old organization comprised of some 3000 independent appliance electronics and furniture dealers in the United Sates,
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Nationwide Marketing Group Appoints Jeannine Ghaleb to Lead Cantrex Nationwide.

Following Nationwide Marketing Group’s recent acquisition of Cantrex, Mr. Les Kirk, COO of Nationwide Marketing Group is pleased to announce the appointment of Jeannine Ghaleb to the position of Chief Operating Officer at Cantrex Nationwide. > Next...


The origins of Cantrex can be traced back to 1960, with the collaboration of a group of independent retailers in the furniture and household appliance sectors. With its modest beginnings, this group, which operated under the corporate name Prestige, grew in parallel with its members.


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For more than 50 years, Cantrex has worked to build a powerful group of independent retailers in the furniture, household appliance, bedding, consumer electronics, photography, floor covering and home décor sectors. Today, we are the largest group of our kind in Canada and the leader in our field with more than 1,200 retail outlets across Canada. Cantrex has offices in Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver.