Group Rebates

Merchandising and marketing experts are working to provide Cantrex Nationwide members with group rebates.

Vendors in furniture appliance, bedding, consumer electronics, photography, flooring and home decor, collaborate with merchandisers to provide special members-only programs that boost your bottom line.

Group rebates offer margin enhancement opportunities for you that can then be passed down as savings for your customers.


Marketing and Web Services

Members access innovative marketing and promotional support to help attract customers, convert them into sales and dominate markets – offline and online.

Cantrex Nationwide prides itself on providing successful marketing, advertising and web services to help your business thrive.

Web Services
Enhance your online presence with a variety of group exclusive web services, including search optimization and web development to drive customers to your store.

Dramatic group-negotiated discounts on multiple solutions fit members of every size and every level of online sophistication.

Electronic Signage
Level the playing field with big box stores using our exclusive HD electronic signage system.  Members control their own in-store HD network on display throughout the store creating powerful in-store messaging and information-rich selling zones


Promotional Calendars

High-impact, quality marketing materials and promotions improve store traffic and increase sales.

Access Cantrex Nationwide’s promotional calendars to ensure that your store receives consistently high visibility throughout the year.

HD TV Commercials

Extensive selection of HD TV commercials and top quality print advertising help your messages breakthrough in the marketplace.


High profile events, impressive ads, and advanced production techniques on par with the big box stores and the national chains, available at little cost to you through both print and electronic media.