Today’s retailer must look for every way possible to grow sales and reduce costs.  Cantrex Nationwide continually works to provide top tier and innovative group-negotiated member services to enhance all aspects of your operations.  Members gain a competitive edge with integrated services that improve buying, reduce pricing, and enhance marketing and close sales.    


Improve the bottom line with group negotiated financial programs.

Credit Card Processing
From credit card processing to financing services, our members can always tap into a network of suppliers that provide industry leading products at competitive rates. 

Consumer Financing
Enjoy preferred rates when working with retail consumer finance companies to ensure that they offer the highest level of service to consumers.

Protection Plans
Enhance cash flow with highly profitable and integrated protection plans that also act as a promotional and customer loyalty building tool for a multitude of products.


Simplify your day-to-day operations with uniquely designed member programs.

At Cantrex Nationwide, we’re here to help you cut costs, grow sales and improve every aspect of your retail operations.  

Central Billing
Enjoy easy financial management with Online Central Billing – one invoice, one payment. Streamline the management of supplier accounts and payments while benefiting from flexible and discounted payment terms.

Benefit from turnkey store-within-a-store solutions supported by a team of merchandising experts who provide training and a full-suite of operational services.  These experts will share industry best practices and know-how to reduce operational expenses and create efficiencies. Experience improved store traffic and sales almost instantly.

Support Services
Access a vast array of support services at deep discounts, from shipping services to warehousing supplies. Take advantage of significant savings and make day-to-day management of retail operations easier.

Group Insurance
Group insurance programs are essential for the growth of any retail business, allowing you to recruit and retain talent. Benefit from high-volume group pricing and the flexibility to choose how the program is rolled-out.  


Close sales with knowledgeable sales associates.

At no additional cost to members, Cantrex Nationwide provides the most effective learning system in the industry. 

Web Based Training
Video and web based product training programs are available for all levels of your organization, from the sales associate to the independent owner operator.The training is provided online through our members-only website with testing and certification and on DVD for group sessions. 

Conferences and Seminars
Throughout the year, members can participate in a wide variety of conferences and seminars that provide tactical and strategic learning opportunities to ensure they stay ahead of the competition.